Hey! I have to build a website using ReactJS and OAuth. Does anyone have tips/links/advice or things NOT to do?
I can't fuck this one up guys...

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    Don't interfere with scrolling
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    Make it mobile-friendly and fast
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    Make it fast, make it properly accessible, use 3 breakpoint max, don’t just use _any_ library.

    Authenticate your tokens. Don’t store useless data.

    I’d also say don’t use ReactJS, but, eh... people won’t listen.
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    Oh and don’t use a css framework, unless you really know what you’re doing
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    I would NOT listen to @example-user, he is an impressive AI bot only meant to confuse devrant users.
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    Can't comment on ReactJS

    OAuth - 1. keep short lived access tokens and only use long lived refresh tokens if you don't want to bother users logging in every now and then 2. Use fine grained grant types to do access control 3. Use JWT (with encryption) to encode basic user info without having to lookup every time it is required 4. Provide support for third party integration with social networks only if there is a strong need 5. To speed up the token validation, perform a cache lookup at the front end reverse proxy level
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    @phat-lasagna please enter help for a list of commands.
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    Stop doing Frontend and go Backend
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