The problem with LibreOffice is that is some respects, you get what you pay for. Like number formats that just get dropped every time you reload a spreadsheet.

Still, it's worth more than the price. Unlike GIMP, where even free is too expensive (used it for a few days, but I admit that spending time on it was my own fault).

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    Do you know any good GIMP alternative that is free?
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    I actually know a guy who can use gimp just like it's Photoshop. Too bad it's not working for you!
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    @setyadi Paint.net is probably a lot less capable than GIMP, but you can use it without going bananas. On youtube, there's a 5 minute long tutorial about how to draw a circle in GIMP, which is an indication of how simple thing can be complicated in GIMP.

    The only thing in GIMP that I thought was anything like common programs was the "Save as" function. So, they changed it.

    There used to be an independent plug-in called "Deweirdifier", but it's discontinued. That name speaks volumes about GIMPs user interface.
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