Rejection #countless just got in. I just just profile myself as the technical wonder before i ever get hired again.

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    I won't say keep going through and you will be hired soon.

    Instead learn from every failure and figure what you did wrong.

    See where you can improve.

    Keep practicing. Practice a lot. And then some more.

    Job hunt is a statistical game. The factors for rejections are countless and they are completely random.

    Don't take things personally as many job openings out there are even fake for various reasons.

    Understand the game. Know the rules. Play them well.

    It starts with resume. The only purpose it serves is to help you get your foot in the door.

    Cover letter helps. Email body can work as one. Get a referral, makes a lot of difference to lower the entry barrier.

    Read the JD well. Prepare accordingly.

    Did you practice? Continue practicing.

    Don't forget to learn from failures. That's key.
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