Got a notification from work, at 11:30pm s as I’m about to sleep. Are you kidding me ... why are people still working at this hour?!

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    Cuz we can't sleep 🤪😇
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    In my case it might just be different timezones
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    Meeh, fuck tz.. aren't we all on swatch internet time?!
    BTW is this still a thing?? O.o
    Oooh, still works!
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    Deployment on prod dude
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    Because. some people actually LOVE their jobs ?
    Sometimes I am pinging people at 3AM and I get a response.
    If you have 9 to 5 mentality, you probably never will work on a “cool” project. Only basic grand entreprise things
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    Our SRE team gets notified throughout the day (including weekends). It is the nature of the job
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    @NoToJavaScript I mean I loved my last job but I didn’t notify people at an absurd hour like that because I knew people had their own private life
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    Because folks in the States don't care about work/life balance [our nor their] [in my case]
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    @BLEEDINGNUTSACK I should add :

    we have a "rule" : Any messages after 6pm or before 8am are not to be responded "immediuatlly".

    It's more like "I'm working on that thingy, could you get back to me tomorrow when you have time ?"

    But it happens a lot that people answer
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