Yay 1week vacation starts now... 1 week of "not my problem, go figure out and fix it urself"

Though I can't guarantee I won't see a bigger burning pile of crap when I get back...

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    Enjoy, mine just ended.
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    I was having a discussion sometime ago with my friend regarding corporate wordings. I learnt about 2 new terms : timeoff and vacation

    Timeoff = a leave where you are not supposed to work, but you mist have laptop and all the office equipments ready if something breaks that only you can fix

    Vacation = a leave where you are not supposed to work and no one will contact you even if the company goes bankrupt.

    His company would provide him unlimited timeoffs but very few vacation. I personally would not prefer timeoffs over leaves. A leave should be the one where a person could say fuck you to all electronic devices and go nutz in some remote no network valley
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    @yowhatthefuck vacation is a type of time off for us. To me it doesn't matter...

    Either just means don't bother me unless you really have to... And well in the latter I get to take another day off.

    But hasn't happened yet that I get called in cuz usually my apps don't blow up...
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