Back in the soul-eating depression abyss

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    Initially read this as soup eating depression. I have never eaten soup once in my life and been depressed. Soup is delicious. Chicken noodle soup, cheesey potato soup, french onion soup. You just can't eat soup and be depressed. It's just not possible.
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    I'm right there with you.
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    Just take your pick or take them all :)
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    @F1973 not all soups are just flavored water. Like cheeseburger soup would have ground beef in it. Can't drink a cheeseburger. At least, not the last time I tried.
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    @vomitmachine when my mom makes soup i get depressed 😕 because it's not what i want to eat.
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    @F1973 if it's la la land then let's better add some red shoes into that. 👠👠...plus I can't find peri peri fries so you have settle for some kebabs instead 🍢🍢
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    @F1973 ohl dhee phriese aur ohl ghone shoory
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    @Pogromist eat your soup and be lesso espresso despresso
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    @F1973 sorry you are vegetarian! let me eat those kebabs...you can still have the stick :D
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    @F1973 😂
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    Oh hey, welcome, we got tea.
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