A truly scary multiplayer gothic horror action RPG set in a Victorian world with a Lovecraft inspired story (already got the story written as it so happens) with multiple mutually exclusive but tightly linked story lines. That is to say you can experience only one part of the unfolding story with the player having to communicate and interact with others in the game world to discover the full horror of the world.

The world would not have instances the world would be in a state that players find it in, based on what other players had done.

I have a lot of the game mechanics thought out, but time and money... If only it were limitless...

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    Sounds like a very interesting project, I would definitely play it! 😉
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    This sounds great on paper... Unfortunately a good percent of players will just go out of their way to grief / make it unplayable for the rest. I think this is one of the main reasons most games use instanced content and a non-alterable game worlds.
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    @SnafuAI Oh, I forgot to mention, it's set in the collective shared nightmare of all players, if players dick around they can just be removed, and things fixed magically because "dream logic"

    Could even go all MC Escher on the world and it's fine.
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