Send an open-solicitation to a company for a medior PHP back-end developer.
Got rejected because "I do web development"...

Bitch, I'm writing an entire CMS in PHP, write entire DNS servers in PHP, write Discord bots in PHP, wrote an entire gameserver in PHP and you're gonna whine to me that "I do web development" because I also know front-end stuff?

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    That makes no sense to me. They may be hiring for something else, but then Web development is one additional skill, which should make you stand out from the other candidates
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    @AvyChanna Exactly what I thought...

    Like if I end up being under-qualified as a back-end dev? sure.

    But don't just reject me because I haven't fully comitted to specialization :^)
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    "We already know the friend we want to hire. Thanks for playing!"
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    @SortOfTested so true! They should just say that!
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    Still better not to attend instead of beeing offered to deal cards because lobby is full
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