I've seen a lot of stuff mentioned here from little hobby projects to Matrix. This might seem unreachable because it's just too utopic, but I'd really love to at least see the world using one single platform for software that would "just work™".

Like, here you have - simple glue lang, SDK with billion _useful_ libraries that also just work™ and no need to change the code too much or select an alternative function for each different platform e.g. via macros and one last wish - it'll work on every machine that's capable of running any code.

Maybe one day...

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    It would make everything so much easier.
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    Thing is, unfortunately, it is not possible. We are all way too different and have our own preferences so there is no way to have a si for language since there is no one fits all in terms of syntax, some use indentation, others curly braces (ftw) some are functional, procedural, Oop .. some have this others that..

    The perfect world would be if we actually start to care enough and stop hating each other because of the tools and actually keep things going
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