New to the the electronics stuff and I'm building a word clock. Recommendations for a microcontroller that has at least 22 outputs (22 words to light up). Something from Arduino? Also need to plug in for power and use an RTC.

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    There are Arduinos with 22 or more output pins, I don't know anything better but if you're just starting look in the Arduino site.
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    try eyeballing the stm32f0 family, they're pretty straightforward and come with cheap dev kits and lots of code you can reuse
    nxp also used to have some decent entry-level ICs some time ago
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    What about individually addressable led strips? What's been your experience?
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    @dan-pud good idea, try looking at glediator if you haven't heard of it.
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    you dont need 22 pins, you need a multiplexer
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    You can do away with 1 output and a (more than) 22 bit shift register. That was how I addressed 60 LEDs with 4 pins(1 out, 1 clk, 1 enable+power, 1 Gnd). Only downside being, you need a separate shift register IC(Combine 6 four-bit shift registers if you want), and that each output would then need 24 clock cycles to output.(but clock cycles are in microseconds so who cares)
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