My dream project is to work on a Hollywood grade raytracing engine (Pixar Renderman, Disney Hyperion,...) I have done some hobby grade ones like to produce the image here

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    You did THIS?! My god! That's amazing! Do you have the source code open?
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    Well done
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    Damn impressive if you wrote that sir.
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    I did write the code for this unfortunately not version controlled and I don't have that exact version available anymore but I plan on opening a GitHub for this at some point and redo the whole thing again ;-) here another picture from my engines

    By the way the first picture took 5 hours to render on a 32 core Xeon machine (it's pure CPU, no gpgpu)
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    And one last for you Cornel box lovers
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    @svandeun These are absolutely beautiful. Keep it up
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