Me: oh cool, using OpenGL and GLFW makes it nice and easy to draw a triangle! Might look into using GLEW to start making things a bit more cross platform..

* 48 hours later *

Me: Oh joy, of course everyone uses fucking visual studio, why can't people just offer tutorials or documentation for people using meson or you know... literally anything else that isn't visual studio!

It's fairly easy for me to port C++ to C with my limited knowledge but fuck me am I sick of documentation and articles always targeting a single method...

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    I hate it when projects rely on an IDE for building. I've had too bad experiences with that because future versions even of the same IDE often can't read old project files, or the IDE gets abandoned altogether.

    There should be a reliable way to build stuff. Makefiles are OK, though I prefer build scripts because makefiles quickly become a bloody mess for projects that support several host build systems as well as cross-compiling for several target runtime ones.
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    @Fast-Nop i know right!

    I prefer meson bit that's just a personal preference thing, everything I see out there is either 'use windows and visual studio' or 'use code::lite!'

    What about us who don't use an IDE?
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    @lxmcf you're too small a population to care about, evidently :p
    If it were more in demand somebody would have rewritten the tutorials for it. Or you know, you can...
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    @RememberMe If I can work it out, I will gladly right tutorials.

    Just sucks when you want to be cross platform and use something lightweight to use for development but everything is designed for 1 platform and using a heavy IDE which you only use 1% of anyway .-.
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    Cmake for the way!!! I've been exactly in your shoes before. Cmake + some #ifdef's = easy(er) cross platform development
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    @AvyChanna I probably will look into cmake at some point
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