Tech celebs

If you're unfamiliar with this term, tech celebs are certain people in tech who are actively followed by many people (especially on Twitter).

What are your opinions on tech celebs?

I think that only a few of them are worthy of fame because of their work(actual contributions) in the field of tech. Most of them seem to be famous because of (one or combination of such reasons):
1. Regular generic tech posts on Twitter including garbage questions (to draw engagement) like "what advice would you give to your younger self?"
2. Creating controversy and getting involved in a controversy (especially when it involves womenInTech).
3. Playing victim by posting screenshots of weirdos in their dms or people who blocked them because this engages a lot of hate from people as a sign of support.
4. Work at a FAANG.

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    They're like anyone else who has too many Twitter followers - they're on Twitter too much.

    Though to be fair, imho anyone on Twitter at all is on Twitter too much.

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    If it makes them happy they can do what the fuck they want as long as I don’t see it.

    Isn’t twitter pretty much deprecated today and ruled mostly by old people and news bots ?

    To be honest I use twitter mostly for watching comics posted by famous artists.

    For me twitter was always news / artistic creation show tool.
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    You mean "influencers" - it's the term I use and whoms competency I write off completely every time that term is associated with someone.

    "Tech celebs" in my opinion are someone that everyone knows and uses their tech (I'm going to mention a couple examples indifferent of my personal opinion of them), like Canonical with Ubuntu, Red Hat with RHEL or Docker Inc with ... well, "Docker".
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    @theKarlisK Influencers and life coaches are even worse. These are people who couldn't succeed in their own careers and start "motivating" others.
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    @vane Twitter hasn't gone off the grid yet especially because of the personal branding reason mentioned in the comment by @F1973. It's the main platform for the politics in the third world countries.
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    @AlmomdSauce Yeah they are on Twitter too much. I wonder how much time do they spend on Twitter. How can someone Tweet >10 times a day? Some even post tech content (mostly copied with no real value) regularly.
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    @ayushjn But it’s mainly modern shopping tv now. Same with other conglomerate social networks.

    30 years ago when bored you was watching shopping tv, now you watch social network feed where “influencers” - 30 years ago it were geriatric celebrities - are testing products you can’t afford or you don’t want to buy cause who the fuck cares at the end if you get 30fps or 32fps. So they trying to sell it to you cause it’s so “important”.

    What’s the difference between Miracle Mop and texting how new software or hardware piece of shit is amazing and you have to buy it ?

    I like cartoons in tv so I watch comics on twitter.
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    @ayushjn true, that's why I use it as a synonym for incompetent because that's what usually they are, no matter what new self-invented terms they call themselves. They usually disperse like cockroaches whenever somebody asks these self-proclaimed "experts" a question they cannot Google the answer for.
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    @theKarlisK twitter celeb would call you out for gatekeeping for that comment! Like why are you trying to prove that you are better than the rest of us kind of BS.

    there are also things like:

    - anybody can code - even my retarded cousin

    - you shouldn't code after work and if you do you should be treated same as everyone else (who doesn't code after work)

    - is it because i'm pink-colored tuna?

    - y u gatekeep?

    - cancel culture because different opinion

    - you do/say/write something that people pull out of context just to get canceled

    - you don't do/say/write anything about that "movement" you are automatically against it and will get canceled anyway

    so if you want to be twitter tech celeb, there is a thin line and a lot of BS you have to tolerate, because they can't tolerate anything different than their opinion!

    kinda makes me reluctant to use twitter at all, but there are also some cool people to follow with decent enough content. at least few of them.
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    @devJs See, here's the thing tho, I generally don't mind anyone trying to spread knowledge. However, I do have a very crude and insensitive opinion of "influencers" as a whole when it comes to any kind of social media. This is because usually the ones I've run into have displayed great ineptitude, ignorance and incompetency when it comes to "influencing" and "representing" the corresponding field they're proclaiming to be 'Expert' in. This is why I reference "influencers" as a synonym for incompetent.
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    @devJs The list goes on. Your comment is so apt.
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    @theKarlisK I like the likes of joshua fluke and the techlead on youtube. They speak out of their experience and they think with their own head

    there are few on twitter that I follow because of the content, the rest is mostly noise

    here and there I follow someone because they wrote great or very helpful article on topic of my interest, often times I regret or those people are not so much active with their tech tweets, more about their personal stuff like political views etc

    Well, I guess it is time to weed them out from my feed

    On influencers - I don't really get the whole thing. Can't people think with their own head? I won't spend my time on video unless it's either very funny or of high value to me. Most of them aren't

    The sad thing is they are all "experts" because of that BS statement - 'fake it until you make it!'

    Maybe ok to do that in some industries, but in IT you can't fake brain and hundreds of hours of experience and make it without someone seeing through your BS
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    @theKarlisK oh yeah, just to add more on influencers - you are talking about those kind of people that start conversation about some exotic topic they think they know all about.

    Then you start talking on the same thing as you know what it is all about and then just ask genuine question, something like: "do you mean European swallow or African swallow?" and then they just don't know what to say and change the topic to save they 'expert' ass!

    Saw that movie too many times (no pun intended)! Both in reality and online!

    Sad times!
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