some recent discoveries of mine:

- DOS FDISK has totally-undocumented CLI (partitioning with auto-format and OTF drive mapping... like one OEM used it for their machine recovery discs and no one else even knows it exists) docs coming soon (this is a lie i found this a year or two ago but forgot till yesterday)

- nuitka is a fucking blessing and the man who made it deserves so much love for it

- my existence is one massive waste of time

- apparently some B450 boards require you to hit a button and test your fans' min/max values and it takes like an hour and IT STILL DOESN'T MAKE THEM VISIBLE FROM THE OS ASROCK YOU FUCKS

- the new Ryzen took my latest project's compile time from 30 hrs to like 6 because I can compile 12 things at once instead of just 4

- installing debian sucks ass now, they forgot to push part of apt to the 10.3 stable installer so you just can't install shit through apt until you fix that, though dpkg works

- apparently they pushed a grub-efi-amd64 version that breaks all efivars??? i know debian sid is like meant to be unstable but a bug like that should never have even been rolled into a package till it was fixed like ???????????

- depression sucks ass

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    Asrock's firmware is probably dodgiest of them all. I would expect about the same from random aliexpress brands.
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    If you are doing c(pp), have you tried the include once directive?
    For More Info: Research GNU Pragma Directives
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    What? Manual fan testing?! PWM should control the fan speed as per the selected fan control setup (performance / moderate / quiet).

    But to be fair, my Asus B450-F doesn't display the fan speeds under Linux either, only right in the Bios. I think psensors is unable to read that with the B450 chipset.

    Anyway, the CPU temperature monitoring does work. I set up a desktop notification if the CPU should go over 65°C. Given that sustained full CPU load gives me just 25K above room ambient, and that even summer means only 30°C ambient, 65°C should never be reached unless the CPU fan is broken.
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    @Fast-Nop To be fair, all but one of my fans are non-PWM (cheap 2-pin ones i've had laying around as spares or in my last build) but even the PWM one didn't automatically show its actual min/max threshholds until it was tested. Also one of my fans cannot be under 100% according to the mobo but... it works under that if I manually set it?

    Also I think my board's CPU temp sensor is badly implemented since it occasionally jumps to random values for a second or two (35... 35... 35... 972! ...35...) and the only help for this online is "install win10 and install the drivers" so
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    @Parzi do you expect the mobo to know the fan speed without the third pin?
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    @electrineer it required this for the only 3-pin fan connected too.
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    The fan thing is fucked up on my apu too, only gpu temp, no fans, no cpu temps just somehow staying in 50°C max via black magic.
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    @melezorus34 What APU do you have?
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    @Fast-Nop AMD A4-9125 on LENOWO ideapad S145-15AST
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    @melezorus34 is lenowo some knockoff brand?
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    @electrineer no, lenovo, but im calling them lenowo since they suggested me to use CrystalDisk disk viewer app. 2weeb4me
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