My local ISP was saving their database backups in an unprotected folder which was literally domain.com/backups

When I downloaded it contained thousands of their clients data.

Reported it to them and got 2 years of internet/tv services for free.

They wanted to hire me but I was still studying in my first year of uni in another city.

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    Cool response from them.
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    That’s crazy! Where was this?
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    How did you find out?
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    @Lensflare I entered their dns ip adress into the browser and noticed that they were using some sort of CMS for their control panel. I googled that CMS and downloaded it then checked the folder structure and noticed a backups folder there. Then I was wondering wether they secured that and when I checked it turned out that they didn't secure it.
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    I never knew Abbie owns an entire fucking provider in Europe
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    @kiki What are you talking about?
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    @zemaitis The devRant user theabbie accidentally leaked his classmates' data by uploading it to Github.
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