I'm thinking of opening a small onsite web development class for teenager (maybe between 10-20 yo). The problem in Indonesia is most of us learn programming language at an older age, maybe because of the language barrier and lack of good tutorials in Indonesian language.

I want to change that by teaching them early, so that in the future, Indonesia can contribute more to the world of software and web development. Maybe even create new JS frameworks.
JK. ;)

But I don't know where to start. I mean, I've never even posted any article or tutorial (I'm not good at writing). How do I develop the curriculum? I've thought about creating a web quiz, but what do I write? How do I make the material?
Has any of you ever done this?

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    Have you considered doing some translations of pretty basic tutorials? I would imagine that would be a good place to start. No reason to reinvent the wheel. Just translate it :).

    You could then just walk the students through the tutorials. I would make the translated tutorials available for free and then charge (or not) for the instructor led walkthroughs. Obviously i would get in touch with the tutorials creator and get their OK. But as long as you provide them with the translated version for their use I cannot imagine them getting upset as long as you got permission first.

    After the basics. You could go through the process of setting up a simple environment and then making an html hello world, etc. Depends how long you want the curriculum to take.
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    @grimtar Good idea! But, can I do that? I mean, should I tell the author of the tutorial first that I use his/her material in my course. Because I'm planning to charge the student a small amount of fee, maybe equivalent to 3-4usd/hr.
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    @grimtar Okay, then. I'll do that. Anyway, do you know any good source of frontend tutorial? Thanks.
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    @setyadi I think if you ask the author permission first. And then provide the translated tutorials for FREE. And then charge for being led THROUGH them, you should be fine. But don't quote me on that. Might get you started though.

    As for tutorials. If you're just doing basic front-end stuff there's obviously the infamous w3schools which in my opinion has gotten better over the last few years. I am primarily a Microsoft guy so I tend to send people to mva.Microsoft.com but that would be difficult to adjust to your format.

    Codeacademy and tutorialpoint work too.
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    Thanks. W3schools seems concise enough but I usually like tutorialpoint better for learning other languages or frameworks but I've never read their basic frontend tutorials.
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    @setyadi You should check freecodecamp.com which has all its content on github and Quincy (the creator) is very open to such ideas.

    They are already putting some effort into translations and I am sure they can help you with your idea. Also, the community there can help you quite a lot, give them a try.
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    @nickpapoutsis Thank you. I will look into it. :)
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    Om telolet om!
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