About a decade ago there was a torrent site for audiobooks audiobookbay I think?, if you forgot your password to your username they would literally just give you a new password on the next page. Naturally being a 1337H4X0R teenager I found the username of one of the admins and got into their account on the site. I don't know if they ever fixed that but that was a serious wtf moment.

Edit: just checked this flaw has not been patched.

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    I found the page and I giggled. ++
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    Even better, the emails are listed on the profile pages. But the accounts won't be of much value then I guess, or they wouldn't have a single user left.
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    Found the page 😅
    Please share the admin account. 😛
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    @webapp And that's how you prove that you're not a trustworthy developer.
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    @LameCode20 if your security is that shit, you deserve it. By the way, I wouldn’t screw up his site, just curious about his admin. It would take him 10sec to retrieve his account.
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    @webapp It's not about retrieving or "not fucking up", it's about the undeniable urge you show to log in to someone else's account the minute you see the possibility to do so.

    I know the security of that site is shit, I was not talking about that.

    I was talking about you being untrustworthy.
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    @LameCode20 and that’s enough to say I’m not thrust worthy? Bullshit.
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    @webapp I don't keep a database of other peoples account details on my computer. And I wouldn't post someones personal details onto a public forum in any case.
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