When you, being severely understaffed, ask your boss and the president of the company to hire another embedded dev and a technical QA to work with you at the minimum, with hard proof of the need, because you work alone on a project that was initially poorly designed even though it is the core business of the company and that it bottlenecks literally almost every other sphere of the company...

and instead, he propose you to find by yourself 4 offshore unpaid interns to help you develop an EMBEDDED SOFTWARE that requires specific EXPENSIVE HARDWARE to run and test...

because paying new employees or even an intern is too expensive even though we had record sales the last few months and that the government pays 50% of salaries until the pandemic is gone.

Fuck this shit I'm out! I'm tired of not being paid enough to fix other people's mistakes. Have fun with your failing business. Btw, this is all your fault.

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    Indeed. If this is in fact the scenario you find yourself in, it's their loss. Not yours.
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    Sounds so, so familiar.

    See my rants about Hell (and unrelated: API Guy). I left the company after putting up with way too much abuse, and it died. I laughed.

    It died specific at because the asshole in charge refused to listen, and refused to hire any other devs. So when I left, there wasn’t anyone left to fix his problems, or develop and maintain the product; the only people left were sales. You can’t run a tech company without devs. No investor would touch it, either.

    The asshole killed his pride and joy because he couldn’t see past his own ego. And because he abused and insulted and overworked the only person who was keeping it all together and drove her to leave. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    It still makes me grin.
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