Geek+Religious thought.

I just realised, god shares a stack of karmas with everyone.

For each time i am doing good / being good with other humans/creatures , he would add x amount of good experiences for me. When i start being too arrogant/egoistic, he would add y amount of bad experiences for me.
That's why even when being wrong, i would still be sometimes getting even more rewards and while being good ,i would still be getting the shit experiences

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    I judge altruism as a sin.

    It confers short term benefits, and is destructive in the long term. It is no different than feeding wild animals.
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    @Root that's an interesting way to think of it, I never thought about that. 5 secs ago I'd say altruism is great, but after reading your comment I realize it's not always a good thing.

    Great, now I have to spend a few hours thinking about life and morals and whatnot...
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    @Root But wouldn't altruism be writing clean reusable code?
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    @Demolishun Don’t muddy the waters here. Altruism is the act of giving freely, not creating.

    Building a public bridge to lower congestion isn’t altruistic. Paying for everyone’s bus fares is.
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    We live in a mostly closed system of humans. The concentration varies, but that remains primarily true. We all exist in a locality and strive for some degree of individual balance, while being indelibly connected.

    The "invisible hand" assigning karma is just the aggregate manifestation of our impact on our world. Social cohesion on a personal level enables you to live with less effort, because you will face less resistance.

    Larger actions have a larger impact on how people regard us, positive or negative. A human who commits mostly negative actions to those around them can run from the consequences of those actions, so long as they're not so significant as to grant then ill repute or justify pursuit. This likely manifests as a hard life, though not always.

    We get to choose how we live; if we make the lives of those around us easier and happier either by contribution or interaction, we have a higher likelihood of benefitting from the good will of others at various points. If we focus on the self, but do no harm we will remain neutral in terms of social perception in the equation, most likely still benefitting from some degree of positive action on the part of others. If we focus on the self at the expense of others, we shouldn't be surprised when we step over bodies and needles and filth while going about our day; that sort of thing tends to engender itself in others as a defensive reaction.
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    @Root Didn't understand your meaning, thanks.
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    God is dead. God remains dead.
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    @neeno this ain’t tinder bro
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    @SortOfTested you dodged “we live in a society”...
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