i got my account perma-locked on twitter over a joke the other day and the only presented option was to delete my account. Apparently you talk about cool shit all day and 2 people see it, but you make a joke about a bad neighborhood and 700 people flag literally every tweet and reply you've ever made.

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    These are "the most active" of Twitter. And if activity equals being unlimitedly putrid, in this case, you know it's always a good time to leave, especially early.
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    Welcome to “woke”/cancel-culture (aka lynch mobs) where you’re judged in the court of public opinion for even the slightest (or imaginary) infractions, and slandered or outright removed from society. It’s amazing how we’re returning to Jim Crow era behaviors.

    There’s also a flavor of oppressive communism here where you must watch what you say, and don’t you dare criticize the popular movements or politicians. It’s increasingly reminding me of 1984.
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    @Root And this is why germany did us a favor againest communism in the 40s.

    And it would suprise me if that neighborhood is full of majority groups, that are claimed to be victims of all the "evil" people in their society.
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    I still don't get why people use twitter at all.
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    @SortOfTested it was pretty decent till i got shut the fuck down.
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    What kind of thing did you tweet that could offended 700 people?
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    @theabbie "moving to a riot area to live with someone who wears MAGA hats, hope I don't die lmao" or some shit like that
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    @Parzi I have seen lot more offensive things in Twitter, people hate you, I guess
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    @Parzi HOW DARE YOU? This tweet is so violent it crushed my pudding soul, raped my kids and triggered my friend who knows a friend who knows another SJW friend whom is in a relationship with an unidentified being but secretly self-identify as a penguin.

    I had to report and downvote this unbelievable post made of hatred and despair, you pathetic lovely piece of marshmallow.
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    @WeAreMany i had someone say basically this but they added "i am a retired army captain and you're gonna get what you deserve: a .45 to the temple" but they had a furry profile pic so idk how much stake to put in it
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    @Parzi if the world is ending... we all know you are the reason for it.

    Edit:// also... furry. 'nuff said.
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    @Parzi I chuckled. I can also see why the twitter SJWs hated that.
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    @Parzi its really common for them to larp as "retired/ex military." and make explicit death threats.

    lol the absolute retards dont comprehend how threats are about delivery and implication.
    it's the difference between saying you'll kill their wife if they dont do what you tell them versus showing them a photograph taken from inside their house. it's the implication that counts.

    most of these rejects try and fail to sound like killers, when an actual killer would give you no heads up and could go eat a ham sandwich after cracking your melon open with a ballpeen. like eating a snickers, the murder is totally inconsequential. but unlike actual killers, these guys, being radicals, might be up to it, but theyd puke their guts out and turn pale as a sheet after commiting what is an irreversible act.

    most people are wholly unaccustomed to violence.

    if you beat them only beat them a little, they're clearly fools and werent spanked enough is all. they'll learn..or get beat more lol.
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    @Root Cancel culture has existed for a long time. Take Disney's Song of the South for example. When it was released it was a mixed reception from former slaves in the USA. Many loved it and some hated it. Disney gently pushes a lot of child-friendly discussions about social inequality onto kids in the movie. It also presents the african-american folklore as a pattern for teaching children. The movie was attacked by people claiming it fuels racism. It was also attacked by people claiming that it is pro-unity propaganda.

    Which is the same thing that is currently happening with the 2011 movie "The Help". It sparked controversy a few years later. Even the lead actors have said they wouldn't make it today. Yet the movie deliberately explored social inequality and encouraged people to re-evaluate their social position.

    So we have at least 60 years of similar cancel culture that has accelerated with the digital age.
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