Current work in progress: https://whimsical.com/regular-expre...

Though I’ll warn you, if you’re on mobile, it’s going to look suspiciously like a blank page. It’s not. Just.... requires a lot of scrolling. 😅

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    Uuuh, I can't view the source rn but have you added 1.0 scale?
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    And what's that supposed to tell me?
    How regex are built?
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    @Ranchonyx it's like a cheat-sheet but in a psuedo regexp language, I think.
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    @Ranchonyx @melezorus34 You’re both right, sort of. It’s meant to be a cheat sheet of how to build a regex based on JavaScript specific syntax, but including all the damned options for things like Unicode property escapes because atm everyplace that mentions the Unicode property escape option seems to provide one or two examples and then direct you to the text files for property aliases or the Unicode spec.

    .... so, you know, trying to aggregate all the info in one damned place because I personally find it annoying to have to look through several resources to know what options are available.

    Maybe I shouldn’t start things when half asleep, tho. 😅
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