Goddamn, why is Android SDK setup such a stupendous pain in the ass?

"Wah wah, can't find JDK!"

Wtf are you talking about you stupid fuck, JDK is right there, all IDEs find it, environment vars are set, it is the right version and is used on this machine for a billion development purposes! Stop being a useless cunt!

And this is everytime. Had to setup up Android SDK four or five times by now on different machines and it has NEVER gone smoothly. There is always a plethora of different issues and you end up wasting all day going through fucking dependency hell!

Read a book on ergonomics, you colossal android fucks. Just because you got JetBrains behind your IDE and they actually know what they are doing, doesn't make your setup process any less of a braindead nightmare.

Fucking hell.

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    I thought their old glorified Eclipse IDE was bad, turns out Google can even fuck up IntelliJ
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    The IDE is fine.

    It's the setup process that is just absurdly insane. Just whack.

    Just check SO, it's laughable how many things get broken trying to set it up and how many people encounter those things.

    On top of this, don't even get the idea trying to set it up after having removed it before. There are horrendous configuration files floating around AppData and user directory, causing all manners of annoying nonsense.
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    @Maer isn't it a one click install? I believe they have started to ship jdk in the studio only
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    @yowhatthefuck It is, if everything works the way it should, which it never does.

    Xamarin, which includes Android SDK setup and connection to VS advertises the setup as "10 minutes plus download time". Yeah, that may be true, IF all is loaded and all is not corrupted and all is found.

    But if not, you end up fixing shit half a day.
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    Good luck fiddling around. By the way, what is the state of xamarin app dev in 2020? I do native android dev, so am very less aware about the cross platform solutions. Last time i checked , flutter was the hype, react native was the headache for everyone using that and xamarin was unable to keep up with latest Android versions
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    @yowhatthefuck I have been working with Xamarin Forms until September.
    I don't miss this shit not a single second.
    You cant implement a single Page without encountering some roadblock which drives you insane after googling and finding out that the problem is known to MS for about 5 years and they simply don't give a shit.
    Instead they are announcing new shit like hot reload which of course doesnt work because the old shit never worked properly in the first place. The UI preview is crashing randomly and there is no clue given to you why.
    All in all, a horrible dev experience and sink of time and sanity.
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    I hate how software does stuff like a human being, I can't find this i can't find that, you garbage piece of code

    you literally are a sequence of commands that needs to be executed flawlessly

    How the fuck you don't do exactly that
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