Just added this note into my calendar. See ya

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    you will never get there. 😈
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    @stop ehmm why? If devrant still live I will post something on that day citing you
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    @stop Be careful, he also added that as a note to his calendar.
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    Only relevant on 32 bit Linux systems. The 64 bit ones have long made the transition to int64_t.
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    @Fast-Nop and? I don't get it
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    @davide Oh sorry, didn't get that you marked the decimal 2 billion date and thought it was about the rollover.
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    Well you should mark I think its 2036 or 2037 as I think that will be the 32bit int rollover. May be wrong as I dont have time to check
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    @ddit 2038: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/...

    And even then only for 32 bit Linux distros with kernel below 5.6 because kernel 5.6 changed time_t to int64_t also for 32 bit kernels.
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    I don't dpeak about the rollover but regarding the changement from 1999999999 to 2000000000
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    Damn I just had a birthday!!!

    I missed being 2 billion epoch by just a few days.
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