I think I failed my first interview of the week πŸ˜”

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    Chin up, it's just xp points you can apply to your skill tree to level up your charisma so the next ones will be better πŸ€” i believe in you!
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    I always bomb, or sail through interviews. Almost without fail..50/50.
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    Just keep at it.
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    @Elyz I love the xp points analogy!
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    Don't let it put you down mate. That is very common mate but learn from it and next time you might get it.
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    @phat-lasagna there is hope in your short rant. You said you “first” interview of the week, sounds like a few more lined up?

    Me on the other hand may just have gotten myself fired within the first week.
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    @Elyz I like to believe after certain Exp you evolve into this cool Gundam Digimon Hybrid and then you have to walk like that everyday to your work.
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    Big part of it is luck. If the interviewer asks you a leetcode algorithm question you’ve seen before, you can code it like a boss and you win! If you screw up and the interviewer is nice, you may still have a chance, unless you totally fucked it.
    I’m sure a lot of people pass them just by getting problems they know how to do
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    @EDragon oh no what happened?
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    Thank you guys for the motivation ☺️
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    @Elyz thank you for the kind words ur the best
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    @3rdWorldPoison Nope, he is holding a everstone. So no new cool evolution for OP.
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