I think I failed my first interview of the week πŸ˜”

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    Chin up, it's just xp points you can apply to your skill tree to level up your charisma so the next ones will be better πŸ€” i believe in you!
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    I always bomb, or sail through interviews. Almost without fail..50/50.
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    Just keep at it.
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    @Elyz I love the xp points analogy!
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    Don't let it put you down mate. That is very common mate but learn from it and next time you might get it.
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    @phat-lasagna there is hope in your short rant. You said you “first” interview of the week, sounds like a few more lined up?

    Me on the other hand may just have gotten myself fired within the first week.
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    @Elyz I like to believe after certain Exp you evolve into this cool Gundam Digimon Hybrid and then you have to walk like that everyday to your work.
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    Big part of it is luck. If the interviewer asks you a leetcode algorithm question you’ve seen before, you can code it like a boss and you win! If you screw up and the interviewer is nice, you may still have a chance, unless you totally fucked it.
    I’m sure a lot of people pass them just by getting problems they know how to do
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    1200+ application in one year.

    ~150 interviews/calls.

    Countless hours spent on assignments and preparing.

    Scored 5 offers.

    3 declined.

    1 cancelled (the best one).

    1 got me retained at my current employer. Wasn't a great one but something for next 6 months.

    And 1 years of crazy hardwork and stress.

    It's a number game. Success is when hardwork and opportunity meets luck.

    Keep at it.
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    @EDragon oh no what happened?
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    Thank you guys for the motivation ☺️
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    @Elyz thank you for the kind words ur the best
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    @F1973 1200? Dear lord. How is it even possible? Don't you care where to apply?
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    @rooter So I am not a dev. In my profession, domain and channel also matters along with skills.

    The fit has to be above 99% and competition is very high and positions are very less.

    For devs, domain and channel is ambiguous. They only need to check for tech stack and related skills.

    The position for PM:Dev is 1:20 easily on any rainy day. Hence the movement of devs is higher due to which the openings are more.

    PMs are usually stable that way.

    So a lot of things go in to consideration and one thing I always regret is why I did not chose dev career.
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    @3rdWorldPoison Nope, he is holding a everstone. So no new cool evolution for OP.
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