boss: Why are you not producing enough output? If you don't bring enough to the table maybe you don't have a place in our company.

Me feeling burnt out already & trying to get through my own shit. It's not like we aren't releasing on time, the fact that they expect us to release 10+ things or something per month is insane.

My boss just LOVES to compare other people to somebody who produces more output.

When i managed my own team at my last job i was fair & understanding. Not like this asshole

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    When I lead my own team and coached some juniors, I was patient. When those same members started having their own juniors, some of them were assholes. Funny how life works.
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    Wow! I just read some of your previous rants, and your boss sounds like a real steaming sack of diseased dog shit. Hopefully you’ll eventually ‘’have a place’’ in a better company where you won’t be dealing with this arrogant hotheaded nazi
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    @d-fanelli I'm debating about quitting this job to work elsewhere but at the same time is it even worth it? In a few months I'm due to get my bonus like everyone else so staying means i get more money until I decide to quit afterwards
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    @BLEEDINGNUTSACK that gives you time to look for a company you'd be really eager to work with?
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    My manager is the same. She even says it proudly: “At the end of the day, it’s all comparative.”
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    @rutee07 you didn't coach them to not be assholes. Maybe you still can?
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    @electrineer I'm already out of there. I am now the asshole being coached in my new company. Lol.
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    @Cyanide she is right you can compare quality work before she gets hired to the demotivated high volume of shitty output since she is.
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