Isn't it lovely when someone wants feature X and Y and one is five minutes (and mostly CSS) and the other one is hundreds of hours of backend code.

"I don't want to know, just make it happen. Jeez how hard can it be, it's just a new button"

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    "Yeah, I can add the button real quick, but if you want it to actually *do* anything we have to make system changes"
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    @psudo The really evil part is delivering exactly what was ordered - not what was intended :)
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    Mandatory XKCD: https://imgs.xkcd.com/comics/...

    To be honest, it's even worst when the Business Analyst asks you why is it so difficult to create a button that does X.
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    I'd say make a button that does nothing, just to test the waters, then make a static version (hell, use a PowerPoint with a link to another slide) to see if that's what they REALLY want, THEN make the actual dynamic version
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