Someone knows a vpn which allows this kind of setup? I would like to make gre or vpn tunel to the server completely locking out my home network between.

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    Is this the same thing @f1973 is looking for and @theKarlisK provided the answer to? The answer was to have a vpn client running on the router.
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    @blindXfish one part of it was pretty much the same
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    @electrineer his idea is to sniff the traffic with raspberry. I want gre or vpn tunel through my network and the Internet to the vpn server
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    @blindXfish same same, only different
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    @blindXfish To get it right: D you want to route everything of your network through the VPN or do you want route a single client's traffic through it?
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    @sbiewald I have an extra router with one interface in home network and another interface in new network, i would like to tunel only this, new network to the vpn server, while the home network is connected normally to the Internet. Those two network are not interconnected and there is no any communication between them.
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    @blindXfish Assuming the "Internet router" is the default Gateway for your network: Can't you just add a new route to the VPN network over the "VPN router" on it?

    Therefore data to your VPN goes to the VPN, and data to the internet still finds its way.
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    @sbiewald thats indeed what i would do.

    In Windows vpn connection theres this checkbox that says "use default gateway on remote network" i. Tcp ip settings i believe.
    Turn that off (on by default!) Done.

    Before i started working at my current company the poor souls of colleagues in Vietnam were using vpn to our network (shabby cable in the Netherlands) to connect with our AD server, with that turned on. I can't imagine how horribly slow their internet must have felt 😂
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    Depends on the VPN, only the Windows inbuild ones have that checkbox ;)

    In OpenVPN it depends on the pushes (or configured) routes, Wireguard has it in its client configuration file.

    And if the VPN client runs on a router, it is a regular routing setting.
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