Devs who quit their social media, how did you overcome your FOMO?

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    Gotta ask yourself: What am I missing out on?

    I just never felt that on Twitter I could spend enough time to curate a feed to the point that it wouldn't inevitably get filled with Twitter drama and etc.

    Just not worth it and I can't think of a thing I saw on there that, if it was important, I wouldn't hear about somewhere else if I was just visiting better websites and etc ...
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    Add your older relatives on Facebook. It will not be hard to quit after that.
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    I'm generally ahead of the game. They're the ones missing out.
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    Nothing worth comes out of social media, so no fear of missing out.

    Also what @SortOfTested said
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    Uninstall the phone app and make sure email notifications are either disabled or sent automatically to a folder you never check. I did that for Facebook because the notifications were annoying, and then I didn't login to the site for over a year because there was nothing telling me I was missing stuff.

    I recently became slightly more active again, but I still don't have the app on my phone so i spend a lot less time on the site.
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    Why would you even get fomo? (actually had to look up what that even means)
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    I don't have any friends on FB.... or in general.

    Just install some news apps, then youwon't miss on anything important. Less annoying and bloated than the FB apps...
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    Add 2FA, change password to something horrendously big, disable email notifications, and delete 2FA key.

    I don't use social media for family purposes, I couldn't care less about the dribble buzzword news feeds that are full of shit. What am I actually missing out on?
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    Honestly I ended up missing out on stuff even when I was on social media. Social media just wasted my time: fb, reddit, twitter and ig. I stopped using fb and reddit because I realized it was taking up too much of my time, I never liked twitter, it's just a bunch of people playing victim, and I don't use ig because I don't post pictures often.
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    Easy. I just don't know what is fomo
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    Well, no matter what you do, you are always missing something and most of the things you see on social media doesn't worth the time spent there.

    So it is just better to ignore it and read a book instead. :)
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    i didn't, that's why i still have social media
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    Keep it but unfollow all your friends, eventually your feed will be 100% ads. Eventually, you'll feel FOMO and want to follow them again, but you can't because when you do they'll get a notification saying you want to add them. But this would be awkward, because then they will wonder why you unfollowed them in the first place. Therefore it would be easier to just never login again.
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    I don't have it. My life is better and more genuine than most of my peers. The shit they lie about to impress, I have for real.
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    Social Media is for losers who want a second crack at high school popularity.

    And they literally told you about that in a full length feature film a decade ago.
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    @rutee07 I first read it as "my wife is better" and was starting to get jealous, but all is well.

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    @Jilano "My wives are better."
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    My fb and hyves (a former Dutch network) are both made under blackmail. Fb was made because a friend else didn't want to share the pictures (a girl ofc.. Why else would I care so much, i'm just a guy) and the other one was made by a friend (and for God sake, also a girl)

    The fb ended up as a phonebook for international friends.

    You can have it without playing the game. Missing out: meh, it's for younger people
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