Well sending emails to get sponsors and project for my 2 month long open-source hackathon is tiring and often end up with no reply :(
If anyone has a cool Opensource project we would love to have it here for students to learn opensource https://devscript.tech/woc/
It's a student-led hackathon without funds so would love some sponsors too.

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    Is it really that tough though, I wonder? Also, doesn't seem to be 2 months long hackathon, according to roadmap of WoC.
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    Perhaps the lack of replies is because some info in unclear.

    I took a glance at the site and honestly didn't understand the very basics:
    Are participants supposed to build new projects from scratch?
    Or is the idea that someone is supposed to submit existing projects for participants to work on?

    That's quite a fundamental question that the front page of the site doesn't really seem to answer.

    I looked under "Registration > Project" to see if there was more info there. Nope. Just a registration page that doesn't tell me up front what the heck I'm supposed to register. An existing git repo? An idea? What?
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    @vintprox The hackathon starts on 25 th december and goes on till 25 th of feb
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    @jiraTicket Festival time so quite inactive here. This is a winter of code - A 2 month long open-source hackathon. OpenSource project maintainers will register their projects with the event. Then the hackathon participants will work under mentors to contribute to these projects. Please take a look on FAQ Section
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