Hello world again, long time no rant.

Renewed interest in devRant after some of recent goings on:.

“Let’s define a new language”

“Why? There are lots of great languages out there”

“It will be domain specific and more user friendly”

“Why, there are plenty of other options with support and pedigree”

“We will properly define a grammar in Backus-Naur form, it’ll be great, maybe we can sub it out”

“Why, literally everything we do is already doable with the current tools, this will certainly be more trouble than it’s worth”

“They already gave us the money”

All aboard! Fun times ahead for the next decade...

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    Seems like a very well thought-out idea by someone that has deep understanding of languages and compilers, nothing can possibly go wrong
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    There is a perfect xkcd for that.
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    @dder There is a perfect codeless code for that, too.

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    Because its fun ...
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    Eh? Someone ordered a new language?
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    this is crazy - you do this in university or for fun - not at work where your goal is something completely different lol
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    I remember when I was a junior, I was a programmer for a survey website startup. They wanted the flow to be dynamic depending on previous answers. They apparently didn’t know what MVP was because the „genius” architect invented his own language that was a retarded combination of Basic and Excel formulas. I remember writing a parser, interpreter and even something like gc.
    Of course the company is dead know.
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