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    Heh, but it's only conventional to not modify all caps variable, it's asking for trouble 😏
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    every variable is a constant if you never change it
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    Python decided to be an interpreted script language and so it's similar to JS and other pragmatic languages which don't care about things like real constants.
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    This decision probably came from the camp of people who believe that simplicity is the highest goal and would sacrifice correctness, safety and performance for it any time.
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    @vintprox exactly! Same for protected and private properties. I can hack a professional addition on top of a library instead of having to fork it. So, the library will be updated by their contributions and i can assure for myself that every thing is ok with my tests.

    So I love that everything is possible, but it's clear you should really figure out why something is protected or private. Just an indication of sensitivity.

    It can be used in amature approach but also very professional. It's freedom!
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    @rooter Yeah I don’t like doing that but sometimes I’ve had to, it feels wrong but powerful
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    The ability to add stuff to external libs is normally provided by extensions in many languages. You don't need to give up access modifiers for that.

    It's so common for people to justify shortcomings with "freedom".
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