I've been wondering why I have such big issues with DNS propagation on a website I moved - I just checked and somebody modified the old A record to have TTL of... 7 days.
Jesus fucking christ, why?

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    Cuz it's fun to fuck with people..
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    Sounds like maybe somebody had the wrong idea over what TTL actually does
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    A legit use case for a long lived TTL is for dns cache propagations over unreliable lines. Sometimes syncing the zones across the dns server time can take some time and, when an unstable, slow line is used (not everywhere we have fiber connection across the world) it allows for a larger time period. Also it saves a bit on network traffic. This is usually good for not-so dynamic environments like factories, where devices hardly change, or should not change at all.
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    @NeatNerdPrime I can understand that, but 7 days? That’s a bit too much, no?
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