Command line forever

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    And no mouse! Hackers have cats not mouses
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    Just gives you the ability to do exactly what you want. ^^
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    @divil really?

    Doesnt that take focus from the task at hand?
    Merry xmas btw!
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    @maximizer Hackers have RATs :D
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    Me every time:

    "I'm too lazy to learn the syntax for this new utility, let's see if there's a GUI frontend for now."
    "Oh, this feature isn't implemented in GUI, I guess I'll just have to do this thing on CLI"
    "Everything is so much more direct on the CLI, why did I ever use the GUI?"
    *apt-get purge whateverutility-gui*
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    @dzil123 thnx 4 fixing my broken English
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    Moral: pull out your 1980 machine and use it to do today's terminal work
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