Well guys I finally pulled trigger and got a new job, I start pretty soon. The thing is they want me to move across the country to carlsbad california. It's a sweet place to live and have seen it. I don't have to move for about 6 months though.

Does anyone know of some good best practices for moving across the country? Any reasonable companies that don't want 12000 dollars to do it? I have two cars and a 2 bedroom apartment.

Any suggestions on how to move the cars without driving across America and spending 3 days doing it?

Should I ship one car and make a vacation out of the destination travel?

Guess I should mention I'm moving from Houston

Thanks, any help is appreciated!

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    If it's Houston, it is not exactly crossing across the nation, though it is not very easy to do

    How much do you like (or don't) to do long drives? The maximum I had driven was around 12 hours and had to take two short breaks. The 21+ hour journey you have to do may be enjoyable depending on your experience, dependencies, and your mindset in general
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    Does one of your cars have a tow bar? Can't you get (hire?) one of those towing trailer things that you hook the front wheels to?
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