It occurs to me that the decision to leave a company is a story of overcoming the inertia of not leaving.

In many cases, there are forces within a company that serve to apply force to the inertia, a "push" if you will that helps get it moving. I think this is pretty common. People tend to leave jobs because of a stress they cannot tolerate or a bad manager or burned bridges, etc...

But, I've lately come to realize there is also the gravity of the current job exerting its force on the mass like gravity. When there are no good reasons for an employee to stay at a given position, the inertia is lessened, making it easier to break away.

Which situation are you in?

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    It is usually a balance of both. But when the inertia is lessened (or need to be lessened), that's when it is time
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    Close to achieving escape velocity...
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