I used to think that VSCode is the real shit, using the Python extension and making shit happen like a pro.

Until I thought of trying a legit IDE and installed PyCharm. I'm not the same person anymore. It does EVERY SINGLE DAMN THING BETTER.

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    VScode is all that is installed at work, and I despise it with a passion, it's got absolutely nothing on PyCharm, but what do you expect when you write code in a web browser.
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    The main thing is you are happy but let's not forget it took jetbrains 16 years and one pandemic to implement "live share" (they call it "code with me").
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    Yeah, definitely. The vast majority of people should be using an IDE.
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    WOW specialized IDE do thing beter than generic IDE.

    Try to do C# in PyCharm. Tell me if it's "better"
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    And jetbrains is still a brain dead company.

    I banned every product from them in our company (Yes I can do that).

    JetBrains = brainDead
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    @NoToJavaScript but why would anyone do that? They have different programs for different languages.
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    @NoToJavaScript The have Rider for C#. Case in point though, I write rust in PyCharm and it's outright better. It's not even close.
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