Fuck stupid managers.

My current agency tried to create a bundle of generic Microservices with the hope of save time and money on future projects. That was two years ago (i was working here from 4 months ago).

What they have now? well, a sort of distributed monolyth were if one service goes down, everything else fails, infinite technical debt, no security policies (yeah, all the apis are open!!!) Business rules on the frontend . . .

And what the stupid manager say? "Everything must be ok because i designed it very well, i research a lot for this"

Stupid boomer.

PD: Yeah, despite the fact he is judt a manager, he take the responsibility to design the full architecture, idk why no one srops him.

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    It's so ironic that any book on microservices warns against this behaviour in the first chapters xD

    Even Robert Martin in Clean Architecture has a a very small section devoted to this fuck up.
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    @craig939393 jajajajajaa, the tip in the cake, they dont even has an API Gateway, every service has its own domain
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    It's like microservices....done all the wrong way...
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    @N00bPancakes jajajajaja i keep repeating same my self. At least i will have something to say when someone ask me what i learned here: "I learned how not to do my job".

    PD: They deploy the services to self hosted gitlab runners, instead of dedicated vps or something else. Yeay, you hear it right, they Host the applications in the machines used to run ci/cd pipelines. Well, in this case, just CD (yeah, they do CD, but no CI)

    PD: This Agency is a living Joke
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