Why is it that the tech Youtubers of this world (and tech reviewers in general) tend to completely skip development as a use case, and instead (if they do ever move off gaming) focus on things like Rendering & Modelling / CAD work? I'm sure there's *way* more devs in the world than CAD guys, surely?!

And if they *do* give it the light of day, it's always a quick benchmark based on "Firefox compile time", "Linux kernel compile time" or similar. Dude, it's 2020. Much as some would like to believe otherwise, most guys stopped compiling swathes of heavy C & C++ as part of their normal workflow over a decade ago.

Real-world tests I want to know about are things like docker performance, common IDE startup performance, compile performance of different sized applications on a bunch of langs like Kotlin, C#, Java, Clojure - or node.js performance, Tensorflow performance on NVidia's vs AMDs latest GPUs, etc. I care about how many IntelliJ instances & VMs I can have open way more than how many Chrome tabs I can forget to close.

But noooo - forget that, here's how fast Blender can render a BMW! 😬

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    3 words: cuz it's boring

    General audience chews up BMWs being rendered with ray-tracing and dozen other lighting effects.
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    1) Tech reviewers are stupid

    2) rendering and compiling are pretty mechanical operations and that's why they are good benchmarks

    3) most of the things you want to know are just a function of how much ram you have.
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    Because the point isn't how fast you can compile the language du jour, but how fast such a workload is compared on this CPU compared to other CPUs. Similarly for rendering.

    IDE startup performance? Dude if you need to start up your crashing IDE so often that you even notice, just use a more stable one.

    For VMs, that's nonsense anyway because it largely depends on what's going on in each of them, pus that the sheer number depends on how much RAM you buy and not which CPU.
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    I'm not sure I would assume devs don't really look at these tech channels too much? Since most of us usally know better than "it's like 30 FPS more!!1"

    On that note, I remember linustechtips actually compiling the linux kernel, when building the same system as Linus Torvalds recently got.

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    A good benchmark has to be accurately repeatable and should show meaningful differences between products.
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