Continuation of the issue I had yesterday, and a realization of just HOW FRICKING STUPID C++ could be. Basically, yesterday my code for class was skipping a line of user input code, I checked the code for hours to see if I missed anything, if anything was out of scope, both input's I was using were back to back and absolutely identical all the way from the implementation both equaling "\0" and I couldn't figure why only one of the input lines were being ignored. Out of desperation posted the code on here (see my last post). Welp, I finally fixed it, and BOY AM I SO SIMPLE. cin.ignore().

Dumb issue, dumb solution (in my opinion)

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    These stupid simple foolish bugs are what make us stronger 👌
    The bane of every programmer.
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    To be fair, `cin` can be bloody miserable to work with. `cin.ignore` doubly so.
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