Happy Christmas!

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    I still don't know the password
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    Just use the camera option in Google translate 8)
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    Not a problem, I have 26 gigs in my cellular plan, I don't use Wi-Fi.
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    I see two typos
    Wi-Fi Flee
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    Just checked it. To enter this password change your keyboard to Chinese Pinyin and enter the pinyin "Mima". Select the option which looks like the text above. The text should change to those two characters.

    It translates to, you guessed it, password.

    The password is password.
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    I found out by using my now on tap and selecting the Chinese text
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    Just awesome that there are always people like @var-username who figure this stuff out!
    Me too, it's that I'm just to wasted right now... I love Christmas

    Have a great day everyone, merry Christmas
    Lots of love
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    The space is Wi-Fi-free to those who don't read Chinese.
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    @dontPanic Very clever, sir.
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    Google's Now on tap 😎😎
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    Am I the only one that says "WiFi free" in a Chinese accent? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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