"Sorry, but nothing in this MR is as it should be (I don't even know where to start) - all you do here is waste scarce CI resources"

Much helpful. Such wow. Teach me how to make such toxic and useless merge request comments.

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    Fuck that guy, report him or switch teams.
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    Where do I sign up to work with this charming person? 🤣
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    Sometimes I want to say that to my colleagues. But they are next level shit. I had to teach them JSON and pass by reference for instance.
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    @craig939393 oof
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    @craig939393 is this really the level of competence for entry level work because im well and beyond that shit if it is.

    imposter syndrome is real.
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    @Wisecrack incompetent people hire other incompetent people.

    Side-note one of my bosses in Italy claims he hired his team because they were literally the only applicants. They also are quite bad.
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    @craig939393 thats a tradegy.
    real managers seem to be born rather than made.
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