It's not just Ebay..

Buy why ask me it seems every bloody month if my phone number has changed !

No, it hasn't changed in 20 years, stop asking me !!!

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    I'm reminded of Tetris, which if you wanted to play it, you just clicked on Tetris and it worked.

    Nowadays, there is a game I play, every time I want to play it, it wants to send me an SMS to make sure its me logging in, and send me an email to type in a code from..

    So, lets hope the phone system is working and email when I want to play, or I won't be able to..

    Of course, it also does a 1.8Gb update at the same time, requiring several reboots..

    So after half an hour to an hour, I can actually play my game !

    For 5 minutes..

    Which might explain why I haven't bothered playing it for year+ and play something much easier to get working..
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    @Nanos and it can go offline any day and you may never play it again
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    Yeah, one of the reasons I'm not so keen to play online games..

    Mind you, trying to get old XP games to work nicely on a Windows 10 machine can be more than problematic !

    I remember one that worked just fine, until I uninstalled it, and then it broke windows !
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    @Nanos I would use a virtual machine or older hardware that I have still lying around for old games
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    I often find for what I want to do, only older hardware works.

    One reason I want to move, so I have more computer space. :-)
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