So I would really like to see a devrant like app where devs can share design ideas for problems that are greater than a function call, or topical questions found on stack overflow.

As I have gotten older, I have realized that actual implementation is typically easy, the design approach is typically harder to get right from the first go, so open critique can be very useful.

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    This is definitely a great idea, I find myself having harder times getting designs right over having the logic right.
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    So more of a solution architecture style stack exchange/debate forum? Vs specific technical advise.

    I really like the sound of that! Could be really useful!
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    Like a better "dribble"? But for devs
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    Implement diagram drawing?
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    So I started working some time ago work on a markdown based wiki for devs. Partly because I find most wiki's inadequate... Partly because I have not been in a company to use github/gitlab for all dev work+docs. Partly because I want dev specific features in a wiki which you cant find other places: text to diagram, todos, highlighting of code blocks, collaboration, etc.

    Maybe I will morph it into something like this at some point.
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    @nickhh In what language is that ?
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