Back home from college.
Now I have to work with 128Kbps internet. And oh look steam sale 🙋.
Better buy a 23 gigs game to test my patience evn further..

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    I feel you man, it had some weird problems yesterday (my family's home connection) and couldn't even connect to my database for a uni project
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    I live next door to the DSLAM, one time when my connection dropped I scream out the window, "Fix the damn connection!" a scream answered "I'm trying!"
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    I am back home as well though I have a speed of 512kbps so not as bad as you though.
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    UPDATE: the speed is now better. I am now getting 64 KBps. Better than nothing, right?😅
    I think i will use mobile hotspot..
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    @nitaj96a close. A town actually, in india
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