So I'm receiving messages from recruiters weekly (no flex intended), half of which are not even close to what my profile describes. And I got really sick of it so sometimes it takes at least a week for me to respond if I decide you're actually worth a reply (looking at you, automated half-assed messages that didn't even notice I know nothing about Javascript).
The thing is that some of the more useful messages are actually quite interesting and match my ambitions and desires quite well. But I like my current job and love the project I'm working on... Am I the only one who wants to stay "loyal" to their employer and their project, at least for as long as the contract is valid?? I really want to be there when delivering the final product and test it myself but it sometimes means declining very interesting job offers.

How do people decide its the right moment you have to leave for a new job if you're satisfied with what you have currently? I'm graciously rejecting interesting offers in the hope that they respect my "loyalty" towards my current project and stay reachable to me when I need them later on (I've already had some that would hit me up after a year asking me how it went and if everything was still okay). Is this something that happens often or am I just lucky with those specific recruiters??

Like yes, I can surely use the money I'd receive from a better job. But I am still learning a lot on my current job and I am positive this kind of job offers will keep coming over the years (and hopefully even more so because I keep getting more experienced). I'm also not the top candidate for some of these offers if I may say so myself, so is it important to take what you can get or is it better to stick to what you're comfortable with?

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