Be skeptical of best practices. "Best" comes with assumptions, which may not apply to you.

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    "If we do X we won't have Y problem anymore, best practice!"

    It's just so easy for those things to be one off issues that nobody faces anymore / really how hard is that to fix? / fred was just an idiot and couldn't handle that... Type things.

    Granted... there are good ones too. But IMO all best practices should be reconsidered at times..... but still follow them if you're in a big org in the meantime.
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    There are no best practices, only rote implementations.
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    @SortOfTested Not writing idiomatic code can be catastrophic. So I would say a best practice is to write idiomatic code until you know enough about when to break the rules.
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    There's a difference between understanding an idiomaticism and blindly following a best practice. The difference is understanding.
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