Truly I want to murder whoever wrote those css selectors.

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    Could be worse 🤷🏻‍♂️
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    You haven’t seen bad css yet.
    I suggest you to modify an magneto theme.
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    Can confirm, Magento is one of the shittiest mature OSS codebases I've seen in my career, in almost every aspect.
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    I worked with GWT before so as much as it certainly isn't as bad as it could be, it was written last year by a well paid senior front.
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    More dogpiling on the Magento hate here. If I get asked to work with it again it’s getting my full, undiscounted, “if it’s really worth it to you” rate.
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    You ever see any css generated from a preprocessor? It’s super unreadable on purpose.
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    This was hand-written tho. And I hold a conviction that css produced by a pre- or post-processor should be human readable, otherwise it will end up a nightmare to maintain.
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