Weirdest co-worker was a loner(he prefers to be left alone) and he has no social skills.
One day, everyone in the office received an invitation letter. All of us were invited to our weirdest co-worker's wedding!

After that, everyone became his friend :)

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    Is this a rant of how you would like him to be a loner again? : v
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    @Nereus nope. This is just a response to wk32. It was really weird that he invited everybody and to think he didn't have friends before because he wanted to be alone XD
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    Im curious though, how was he? Found more interesting stories? Like, he was actually a cool guy once you knew him. Can speak 5 languages including klingon, can play bad ass guitar riffs, has a dragon tattoo on his back, his wife was a gangster princess genius chess master, something like that?
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    @silverbyte nah. He was just shy and his wife told him to talk to people more. He was alright after all
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    Was he Indian? It's common in India to invite just about everyone you know to your wedding
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    @AnirudhKonduru nope, he's not ^_^
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