In college, teacher teams us with other guy,
I tell him to do backend coding in JS
He says: Dude, What is JS?


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    Well, why are you telling him what to do before knowing what he is able to do? So why are you telling people what to do in the first place?
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    @JacksOnF1re not knowing about JS, if you code, especially if you do back-end, is weird none the less, or am I wrong?
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    @klirix Do you really mean "knowing about" (as in knowing what it is) or "knowing how to write"? If you think all developers, especially back-end, should know how to write JS, I think you have an awful lot to learn.
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    @samk I meant "knowing what it is", as it was in the OP's post. Saying something like "everyone must code JS" is incredibly stupid :^)
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    @klirix I thought so - there was just enough room for me to be unsure! Thanks... 🙂
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    @klirix but still.. know about js especially if you are backend. Up until recently, very few had heard about node.
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    @Dentych I remember being all covered in RoR, when the hysteria around node started. It believe that not knowing about js, in last 3 years was impossible if you don't live under a rock, or don't do any web/game dev whatsoever.
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