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    Miles O'Brien > Scotty
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    @wiki Scotty Principle
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    @theabbie Montgomery "Scotty" Scott is a fictional character in the science fiction franchise Star Trek. First portrayed by James Doohan in the original Star Trek series, Scotty also appears in the animated Star Trek series, seven Star Trek movies, the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Relics", and in numerous books, comics, and video games.

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    @theabbie this was very helpful...
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    Seems akin to the "10x developer" bullshit if you ask me.
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    It's just a pessimistic view on good estimation practices when doing project planning. You track velocity sprint over sprint (hopefully), so there's not really a problem in keeping the same measurement for logistical/dependency delays and estimating accordingly.

    10x developer only became a thing because companies hire fewer and fewer engineers.
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    No way:

    "That night, while walking back to his command post, Doohan was shot seven times. An eighth bullet hit the silver cigarette case in his breast pocket, likely saving his life."

    The real guy saw serious battle.
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    @Demolishun I'm talking about the character only. Scotty was always a black box that pulled off miracles. We didn't really know much about him. And the whole you should make yourself look like a miracle worker thing was just eh.

    In contrast O'Brien is a straightforward solid family guy with a "ah fuck I have to overhaul these bloody Cardassian machines again, okay let's do it" sort of attitude. Plus the bromance with Bashir and the lowkey comic relief role that he played was nice too, plus his whole war background (eg. the Captain Maxwell story) and some of the episodes he has in DS9 where he really shines as a character.
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    Stream lower decks. The writers definitely give O'Brien the credit he deserves.
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